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Acorn furniture range

We have a range of standard size options available.
Also due to the diverse range of requirements we offer fully customised chairs and tables


The chairs have a huge range of adjustments such as
- Height
- Foot plate height
- Seat pan depth
- Arm rest height
- Back support angle
Sometimes having just a firm back and arm rests on a chair can provide security and comfort for the child. Using a foot plate provides constant support and makes a child feel more grounded when at the dinner table or participating in a variety of table-top tasks. Therefore their attention can improve vastly during these activities.


Again we have some standard sizes available which suit most requirements.

Custom tables are made to suit any seated or wheelchair user. They can be adjustable in height and built to suit more then one user.
Small things such as an area for motorised wheelchair joysicks to fit in can make a big difference to how a table can become more user friendly.

Therapy benches.

Our therapy benches come in different sizes and colours and are suited for children that need a bit of extra help to get from crawling to standing and great for doing various physio activities.

Give Dara a call on 0874178109 to discuss any requirements or email dara@carpentry.ie

Our size 2 chair and table
size 2 table
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